ServiceNow® Implementation

Soltrix is a premier ServiceNow® Implementation and Sales partner

We have team of ServiceNow developers both at our ISO certified development centers in Framingham, MA and Noida, India. We have been consulting, implementing, and supporting ServiceNow since 2007. With all those years of experience we will be able to assist our customers maximize value on their ServiceNow investments.

We also assure quality of our deliverables at competitive pricing, and offer not to invoice you until you are completely satisfied with our services. We are a full-service partner and could be your one-stop for all of your ServiceNow requirements.

Global Enterprises from All Industries Rely on ServiceNow®

ServiceNow is a workflow automation platform, and thousands of companies including majority of Fortune 500 rely on ServiceNow to provide automation and streamline operations of their back office.

In many of these companies, ServiceNow® is a near standard. They view ServiceNow® as a critical component of their digital transformation to modernize and transform not only IT, but the whole enterprise. ServiceNow provides a great ROI by reducing OpEx through automation.

Power your organization with the best in class solution architects and certified ServiceNow® developers.

What is ServiceNow®?
  • An enterprise cloud based platform t0 digitize the workflows in a organization
  • Incorporates agile development environment with reduced risk of failed deployment(s)
  • The extensible platform enabling a single system of record and standardized process
  • Performance analytics manages the insights of business solutions and drives continual improvement
Why ServiceNow®?
  • High growth businesses are increasingly technology-dependent
  • IT is being looked at as a transformation center rather than a support center
  • Service-oriented IT must be strategically aligned with business requirements
  • IT that efficiently responds to on-demand service requests, tracks and measures responses and performance analytics on meeting the business demands
  • High availability and enforcing user access controls
  • Implement ITSM framework for best practices
Rapid Deploy ITSM Solution
  • Delivery of pre-optimized ITSM solution that is ready to be deployed and provide your organization with a ITSM solution within 30 days.
  • Design, develop, and implement a ready-to-use servicenow instance based on best practice.
  • Training your team and creating knowledge-based articles on servicenow by our certified trainers.
  • Replace your legacy help desk system with servicenow.
Customized Installation

Our team of servicenow certified solution architects and developers will deliver you a  customized solution and implement a servicenow instance that is configured to meet your business requirements.

Our servicenow developers have expertise in various modules including IT Service Management, Project Portfolio Management, Governance, and IT Operations Management.


Our certified consultants help implement your business processes. We’ll help you create a reliable platform through our vast experience and competency acquired over a period of time. In return, your overhead will be reduced and processes automated. Our flexible and reliable professionals are with you every step during the Implementation to ensure successful completion and support post go-live.

Implementation and Consulting Services
  • ServiceNow® platform setup
  • Active Directory setup foundation data migration
  • Development (Incident, Problem & Change, knowledge, Service portfolio, demand, facility Management and other ITIL process and catalogs)
  • Deployment of the setup to live environment
  • High end Content Management
  • ITIL Applications
  • Integrations with host of other system.
  • Support Activities
  • Service Catalog
  • Data Migration
  • Custom Application Development
  • Moving Legacy Applications to servicenow for greater return on Investment
  • Our specialists will Integrate ServiceNow® with other existing software tools in your organization, and ensure smooth interaction between the integrated systems
  • Our system integration experts use the best proven and reliable integration methodology
  • Using strong and flexible features provided by ServiceNow® to Integrate the external systems we provide a proven and smooth integration
Support services to your existing or newly implemented servicenow instance
  • Post go live support and service.
  • Ensure that power of ServiceNow® is fully utilized to provide more value to the customers beyond the traditional IT services.
  • Mapping business needs with ServiceNow capabilities and providing additional configuration and customization to meet organizational requirements

Other Offerings

Our team of US based project managers, business analysts, and implementation specialists directly interact with our customers, to clearly understand their business requirements. Once requirements are properly documented and signed off on, it is developed by our offshore programming team. By engaging with Soltrix, you will get all the benefits of offshore development, while mitigating all it’s pain points.

Our Proprietary Software

Derisk data loss through company laptops by promptly recovering them from employees leaving the organization through our ServiceNow based solution

Our built-in ServiceNow based solution to de-risk any data breach from company laptops of ex-employees by facilitating higher rates of recovery of company laptops (and other company assets) from employees or contractors leaving the organization.  As companies adopt a hybrid work model, this has become an issue faced by many organizations.

Problem statement:

As per CPO association, only about 30% of laptops loaned to remote employees are returned when they leave. This is not only a financial loss to the company but also poses a high security risk on company data in those laptops. We have built a ServiceNow based solution that enables timely shipments to new employees during onboarding but also enables easy-and-prompt returns of these laptops back to the company during offboarding of employees leaving the company.

How we solve this problem:

We have integrated ServiceNow with major shippers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS and this generation of shipping or return labels on demand via APIs with discounted (up to 40%) shipping rate. Once offboarding is initiated for a leaving employee, a return label is generated, and attached to an email generated with the option to pick date and time for the employee to pick. Once the employee selects a date/time this information is passed on to the shipping company via our API integration, and someone from the shipping company (for eg. FedEx or UPS) will be scheduled to go to the employee’s home to pick the laptop from their homes and will be shipped back to the company. Optionally, the employee can choose to drop off the laptop using the prepaid return label to the nearest center.

The reason laptops are not returned is mainly due to the inconvenience of making such returns by the leaving employees. By making it easy, convenient, and providing a structure around the return process, our solution can enable returns potentially up to 90% or more. With discounted shipping costs provided by our solution, along with high recovery rates of company assets, our solution provides a great return on investment.